Welcome to Neli’s Wisdom!

I am glad you are here.

This is the place where I share my personal story, emotions, thoughts, struggles, learnings, dreams, hopes and insights I have gathered throught the years.

I know how it feels to be lost and without a purpose and I want to be there for the people in need as my role models have been there for me.

By sharing my personal story I hope I mightencourage and inspire you to dare to look inside, too.

Please note: My stories are not scientific.

If you expect to see how what I am saying is backed up by a lot of facts and figures, you might remain disappointed.

What I am writing about is personal and my goal is to share my thoughts and experiences on certain topics. I might not be right and you might not always agree with me. That is perfectly fine.

As long as what I am saying triggers you to think how you feel and what is important to you, my goal has been reached.

Just keep an open mind and give it chance. You might be surprised.

Enjoy reading and please feel free to share your thoughts, stories, stuggles, successes and anything else that might help the rest of us learn and improve.




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